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Traveling With Friends

How many of you have travel with friend or family before? It can be great sharing a vacation with other people. It can help just having other people to be around and talk to when there isn’t as much going on. Another couple people to play games with when the sun goes down, if you’re staying in a place with not much nightlife. Yes traveling with friends and family is fun and rewarding. Even good things, however, can cave some downfalls.

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On a recent trip, my wife and I traveled with another couple to Hawaii. We had a great vacation and were happy to share “Paradise” with other people.  There were a few things we did learn about traveling with friends though. These are not what I would call huge issues but more like small things that would make a difference in how well you enjoy your vacation.


  1. Spend the money for a second car.  There will be times when you want to do something different from the other couple.  Maybe you will want to take your significant other out for a romantic dinner or maybe you want to spend a day at the beach while the other couple wants to go hiking. Those are great times to have a second car.
  2. If you plan on sitting around at the pool the whole day, make sure you communicate that to the others and that they are on board with it. If you let them know this, they can make plans to do other stuff while you sit at the pool
  3. Make sure you let the others know what to expect when they get there. Everything from climate to how much everything will cost. You don’t want to spend a week with someone who has just freaked out about how expensive everything is and wants to save money on everything.
  4. Have a good time and keep an open head about things. Don’t get frustrated by all the little things. You are going on vacation to relax and have a good time, don’t let the small things ruin your vacation.

While we did have those times that the little annoyances got to us, we loved traveling with another couple. You don’t realize how nice it is to have another set of people to talk to or run ideas by.  The trip we took was to the Big Island of Hawaii, a place known to be in bed soon after the sunsets, so it was great being able to share a place we love with friends. Is there anything you have learned about traveling with friends or family? Please share what you learned in the comments to this post.

This July we will be traveling with friends again. This time we will be cruising, which is a perfect way to travel with friends. With so much to do aboard the ship, you can do as much or as little with them as you want. We will be taking part in the Cruise Family Reunion, a cruise organized by the cruise family, a group of cruise experts and writers that met on twitter.  The cruise family would love for you to join them on this exciting and sure to be the social cruise of the year. Visit the Cruise Family Reunion website for more details.


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Am I Asking for Too Much

I read an article yesterday talking about how Frontier Airlines are discontinuing the serving of warm chocolate chip cookies, a popular service that came from their merger with Midwest, on their flights. This is just another move made by the airline in their quest to become an “ultra low-cost airline”. For me this is extremely disappointing, having grown up in Wisconsin and seeing how proud Milwaukee was to be the home of Midwest Airlines. It was one of those small things that made you feel good on their flights.

These days it seems like all you hear is news of airlines cutting costs and raising fees as well as airfares. All this is to make the airline more financially stable. The question I ask myself is: isn’t there a market for an airline that offers great customer service?
For me I would gladly pay a little extra to fly an airline that doesn’t herd us like cattle into their planes while still raising fees and airfares. What’s wrong with being greeted by smiles by the gate agents or employees at the ticket counters. Its bad enough that we have to go through the TSA checkpoints with grumpy people there, why can’t the airline personnel be a little more cheerful.

If your going on a hopefully relaxing vacation why would you want to bookend it with the headaches of flying with airlines that are constantly cutting services?

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