Recommended Reads

I wanted to create this page to show you my favorite bloggers that I read on a regular basis. Without some of these people I probably would not have take the jump into writing myself. So without further adue, here they are (in no particular order).


cruise_miss_white2Danielle is a cruise freak (this is not a bad thing). She is totally in love with cruising and it shows in her writing. She has a passion for telling others what she loves about being out at sea on a shiny cruise ship. Danielle was voted the winner of the #TheBirdies Favorite Cruise Blogger 2012. You can check out her writings by clicking here or on above. You can follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook too.

Mrs. O Around the World

 mrso logoExcited by all good things in life, Mrs O spends a significant part of her life travelling around the world and having a bit of fun. is the place to come if you want to know where to go for your next lux weekend or proper holiday getaway. She loves travel, loves people and she loves shoes. You can visit her blog, follow her on Twitter or like (and love) on Facebook

 Travel Shop Girl

MarianAs an aspiring vegan and a writer, the world is a different place for Marian. She loves to write, travel, and photograph the places she have visits. She is traveling the world one city at a time and sharing what she learns along the way, be it by cruise ship to the Caribbean, on land in Europe, or somewhere in between. Through humor, sarcasm, and honesty, she calls it exactly as she sees it so you always hear the truth.  Follow her on my travels on her blog, Travel Shop Girl blog, and feel free to share your thoughts on your travels, too.

Spa Travel Gal

Ava Roxanne Stritt Bio Pic 1Ava Roxanne Stritt is a travel writer with a passion for resort spas. Fox News, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Spa Week and the Atlanta Journal Constitution have recently quoted her concerning spa, travel, fashion, the environment, and various other topics. As a travel writer and the editor of Spa Travel Gal, her articles have appeared with Spa Week, H Magazine, Destinations Travel MagazineCBS News, Upscale Living Magazine, Healthy Living Magazine, Examiner and various other media outlets.  Ava Roxanne is a writer, a financial analyst, and a wife and mother from Atlanta. For her writings on the joys of travel, spas, skincare, and ways to refresh your life follow her at Also Ava Roxanne is a Curator for

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