Day Three, Nassau

The last port of call for the Cruise Family Reunion was Nassau, Bahamas. I have to be honest with you; I wasn’t all that excited about this port of call. Traveling with a two year old who still takes naps, limits what you can do for shore excursions. We didn’t want to venture too far or book an excursion that lasts all day since we didn’t know how Taylor would take so many action packed days in a row.

Because I had to!

Because I had to!

We decided to take in a little shopping and the straw market in downtown Nassau that day. We got up and ate breakfast and headed off the ship. The straw market was just starting to open up at 9:00 am on a Sunday. While it was nice to not have the crowds, a lot of the stores were still closed up. That also cut down on the amount of pushy stall owners trying to get you to buy the stuff they supposedly made.

After making our way through the straw market and buying one shirt for our five month old we headed over to the Del Sol store to check out the color changing clothing and accessories. The Del Sol portion of the store is located in the back of the store with the bamboo-clothing store, Cariloha, in the front. Be careful taking a two-year-old girl into a Del Sol store since they have so much Disney clothing on display. They will want everything! We managed to get out of there spending only $70.

First church in Nassau

First church in Nassau

carriage .jpg

Our Carriage

On the way back to the ship someone wanting to sell us a horse carriage ride through Nassau encountered us. We asked him how much and were it was $40. Our chance to barter with him was foiled when Taylor started jumping up and down saying “I want a horsey ride”. So off we go on a carriage through the streets of Nassau. During the ride he explained all the historic sights of the city and then some, although it was hard to hear him over the noise. It was fun but I suggest not paying $40 for it.

Snow White

Snow White

That was it for our day in Nassau as we had planned to return to the ship for lunch and spend a pseudo day at sea.


Author: Nathan Nehmer

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