Breakfast on the Farm

The month of June is national dairy month and that holds a special importance here in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is known as America’s Dairyland and so much of our state has some reference to the cow and all the products we get from her milk. From fans wearing a foam wedge of cheese on their heads at sporting events to giant mice eating cheese in front of cheese stores, you can see how important the dairy industry is to Wisconsin.

Long line waiting to eat

Typical Dairy Breakfast

Typical Dairy Breakfast

                      You may be asking, so what do you do on your June weekend days there in Wisconsin? Well, we stand in line for a dairy breakfast! That’s right, almost every weekend in the month of June there is a dairy breakfast somewhere in Wisconsin. People go to a farm and eat pancakes, sausage, eggs, cheese, milk, and ice cream. Yes, you read that right; ice cream for breakfast, how great is that?

Serving that many people needs special equipment.

Serving that many people needs special equipment.

This past weekend we went to the dairy breakfast put on by the Watertown Agribusiness Club. This dairy breakfast is among some of the largest in the state and attracts over 4,000 people every year on Father’s Day weekend. We went on Sunday, Father’s Day, which is the busiest of the two days. The line, which of course was out in the rather warm sunshine, was long but it moved quickly and we were at the food in far less time than I thought it would take. The money raised by the dairy breakfast goes towards scholarships for students studding in an agricultural related field.

The experience doesn’t stop with the breakfast though. The host farm has their machinery out on display although this year it was in a huge puddle. They also have people on hand to explain how the feed is mixed together and gave to the cows. They have people in the milking parlor to answer questions and show you how they milk the cows (they were not milking when we were there). There is a petting zoo for the kids, and antique tractor display, and tractor drawn wagon rides around the farm. It is a great way to have fun, eat a good breakfast, and learn a little about farming at the same time.

Taylor in the freestall barn

Taylor in the freestall barn

Taylor Petting a Calf

Taylor Petting a Calf

There is still some time left in the month of June, so head on up to Wisconsin and take part in a Wisconsin tradition. You can find a list of farm dairy breakfasts at the Dairy Days of Summer website.


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