A Month Away

Today I woke up, as I always do, at 4:30 am and, like every other day, reached for my phone. Before you all start telling me that I am addicted to my phone (I already know this), the reason I grab my phone is simple: It is also my alarm.  Once I am able to see halfway straight to shut off the annoying sound that drags me out of bed, I begin to make my morning run through my apps.


Click here to learn more about ShipMate

Click here to learn more about ShipMate

This morning, my eyes and fingers were not working well with my brain and I happened to open my ShipMate App. While I really love this app and all its features, it’s not normally in my “first of the morning” routine. But this morning I was treated to a wonderful sight; we are a month away from sailing! I already knew this in my head but it was sure nice to see on my phone. If you don’t already have the ShipMateApp, you should really check it out. It is my favorite cruising app out there. You can learn more about ShipMate by clicking on their logo above.


Now comes the hard part, getting ready to go. Sure, normally, packing is not an issue for us but this will be the first time we are taking our 2 ½ year old further than the 3 hour to Grandpa’s and Grandma’s house. What do we need to pack to keep her occupied on the airplanes? This is all the stuff we need to think about when packing for this trip. This is on top of everything for us that we normally pack.


I am really looking forward to taking her on this cruise. She loves to hear music and dance so I am thinking she will love the sail away party. Oh, and by the way, Nickelodeon on the Norwegian Sky will also be a big hit, especially when she see’s Dora. This will be, however, her first time on an airplane, first time on a cruise, and not to mention her not being on her normal nap schedule. How is she going to take it? I guess we will see in a month.


If any one has any advise on traveling with and packing for a toddler please leave comments below. I’d love to hear all the suggestions and I’m sure others would like to hear them as well.

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One thought on “A Month Away

  1. Great article, Nathan – thanks for the mention! Have a great cruise with the little one!

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