Learning About the Circus

Sometimes, when we are thinking about our travels, we forget about the attractions that are close to home. I started thinking about these things and how they seem so normal to me. Just because they are normal to me, doesn’t change the fact that other people may want to hear about these. So I am going to write about some of the “normal” things I do on the weekends/days off and mix them in with my travel, cruise, and news topics.

The first of these “local” attractions I will highlight is the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI. The Circus World Museum now occupies the grounds where the Ringling Brothers founded their world famous circus back in 1884. From 1884 till 1918 the winter quarters for their circus was right on the grounds that the locals called “Ringlingville.” This area is now a National Historic Landmark Site.Ringling Brothers

Back in the heyday of the railway circuses, Ringlingville consisted of at least 22 winter buildings. Today eight of those original buildings remain plus part of the original circus train complex.

Historical Site Marker

Historical Site Marker

2 of the remaining buildings

2 of the remaining buildings

Part of the world’s largest circus memorabilia collection is over 210 original circus wagons and vehicles. That is about two thirds of all known circus wagons left in the world. They have one huge building that houses most of these wagons and another building with a restoration shop.  You are able to look inside and see the work being done to save these pieces of history. There is also a huge collection of circus ads and posters, with over 8,650 multi-colored circus posters. This is a must visit for any circus enthusiast and it appeals to non-circus enthusiast as well.

Circus Wagon Building

Circus Wagon Building

Gavioli Band Organ

Gavioli Band Organ

Circus World Museum is also for the kids. They have a daily schedule of shows and attraction that go on every day. I will get more into the fun circus type activities that they put on here. These are sure to keep the kids entertained while you learn about the history of an era long gone.

To learn more about the hours, schedule, and prices visit the Circus World Museum website by clicking here.

Author: Nathan Nehmer, nate@cardinalcruiseandtravel.com

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