Travel Insurance, Foolish Not To?

While watching my Twitter timeline today, I came across a conversation discussing if it is a good time to book a cruise vacation. This conversation started in response to the fire onboard the Grandeur of the Seas yesterday morning. Everyone onboard was accounted for and the Royal Caribbean PR team did an excellent job keeping everyone informed and accommodating all of their guests.
As the conversation carried on, the topic of travel insurance up. The question was, “Do you believe it’s good to buy travel insurance when you book a cruise?” I jumped in and tweeted this comment, “@scottlara1961 @CruiseGuy @elliottdotorg I believe when you save money to buy a vacation, it’s foolish not to buy travel ins. #traveltuesday”. I’d like to take a little bit to explain my answer some.
For the fear of going on and on about the details of different plans and coverages, I will keep this in the simplest of terms. Most of us don’t have the money sitting around to get up and go on a vacation whenever we want. We save up our money, and time, to take a vacation from our everyday life and enjoy ourselves. We go through the time to research and book our vacation. Why would you not want to protect that investment you saved so hard for and are looking forward to?
With the possibility of hurricanes in the summer months to winter storms, flight delays and cancelations could put a damper on your much needed time off. Having travel insurance can give you the peace of mind and keep you calm when the unexpected happens.
While weather is the biggest concern with most travelers, there are many other reasons to consider travel insurance. Illness or, heaven forbid, death in your family; can affect your travel plans. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind that, when you are going through these tough times, you won’t loose out on the money you saved for your vacation?
Another reason to think about purchasing travel insurance is, what if something happens to you requiring medical care. Most health insurance plans will not cover medical care while you are traveling outside of the country. Travel insurance plans can cover your medical expenses and even transport back if needed in most cases. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you wouldn’t be stuck with huge medical bills if that need arises?
These are the reasons I said I believe it’s foolish not to purchase travel insurance for your vacation both cruise or land based.

Author: Nathan Nehmer,

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