Beaches of Kauai

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Beaches of Kauai

The Island of Kauai is known for many beaches. Since it is the oldest of the Hawaiian Island it has more sand beaches per mile of shoreline than any other island. I am going to highlight a few of these beaches. Please keep in mind, since Hawaii is located in the open ocean, Hawaii’s beaches are more dangerous than most of the beaches in the Caribbean. Rip tides and rouge waves can form without warning so be careful if you are going to swim while you are on your Hawaiian vacation.

  1. Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay, located near the north shore town of Hanalei, consists of four beaches. They are Waikoko Beach, Wai”oli Beach Park, Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park, and Black Pot Beach. Hanalei Bay is not a great swimming destination but it is great to look at.  Hanalei Beach Pavilion Park offers facilities and a lifeguard, as well as a pier to walk out on to.

Photos of Hanalei Bay, Kauai
This photo of Hanalei Bay is courtesy of TripAdvisor

  1. Moloa’a Bay

Moloa’a Bay is off the main road and can be accessed by taking Moloa’a Rd. of Ko’olua Rd. This beach is a beach not to well known so it shouldn’t be crowed. Parking is limited here, but it is worth the extra walk to get there. The better part of this beach is on the south east side. There is also a lot of shade here.

Moloa'a Bay

Moloa’a Bay

  1. Donkey Beach

Donkey Beach can be accessed from a parking area between the 11 and 12 mile marker on the main rd. From there it is about a 10 min walk down to the beach. It will seem a lot farther on the way back since it is uphill. A sidewalk that goes most of the way down to the beach makes it a little easier though. Donkey Beach has been known to be a nudist’s beach but new multi-million dollar houses here have put a stop to that (not saying that you still won’t see some nudity. Swimming is not great here, because of the current, and shade is limited.

Donkey Beach

Donkey Beach

  1. Lydgate State Park

Probably the best place to swim and snorkel, Lydgate State Park, is located just south of the Wailua River.  Protected from the surf and the facilities located here, makes this park popular with families and also makes it crowded sometimes. OK, most of the time. Still I highly recommend checking this park out, maybe for a little picnic.

Lydgate Beach Park, Kauai - Picture of Anini Beach, Kauai
This photo of Anini Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

  1. Kalapaki Beach

Popular with both visitors and locals, this beach is a great place to learn to surf and boogie board. With a shopping center and restaurants (Dukes Canoe Club is one of my favorite) nearby, there is something always going on at Kalapaki Beach. You can also check out the Cruise ships coming into Nawiliwili Harbor here.

Photo courtesy of Duke's Kauai

Photo courtesy of Duke’s Kauai

  1. Glass Beach

Glass beach is located behind an industrial area in Ele’ele; this beach is made up of broken glass washed up from an old dump nearby. As you may expect, this is not a good beach to swim at or even walk barefoot on. It is however very colorful.

Hawaiian Monk Seal on Glass Sands beach

Hawaiian Monk Seal on Glass Sands beach

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