Driven by Memories

I a previous post, Why I Became a Travel Agent, I gave a few of the reasons that I love being a travel agent. I wanted to take some time and dive into one of the reasons a little deeper. The one that drives me the most is when I help people make memories they will have for a long time.memories-1v0n6fv

I love to hear about people’s trips when they get back. There isn’t much that excites me more than hearing someone say they had a time of their life. Then they go on telling you about all the fun stuff they did while they were there. It is great to sit back and listen, or read, and picture in your mind of what it must have been like. I like to think about it as experiencing it myself through my clients.

I don’t just like to hear about the good of your trip though, I also want to hear about the bad as well. I want to hear about things that drove you nuts, annoyed you, or even what you absolutely hated. These are the things that help me the next time you come to me to plan your vacation. The next time we will plan to avoid those things that you may not have liked.

I think of my clients as being in a relationship with me. I strive to learn more about them in order to provide a vacation made just for them. There isn’t an online booking website out there that does that. The next time you start looking to plan your vacation, go ahead and look at those online websites but also go ahead and give a travel agent a call. You maybe surprised on price, in a good way, and the personal service you get will be worth the call.bad-customer-service 2

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