A Whale Tale

Today my wife Amy (@amyn231 on Twitter) takes over the blog to talk about one of her two favorite marine mammals, the humpback whale. We have seen our fare share of whales on our trips to Hawaii. Here she talks about the best experience we had seeing whales.

A Whale Tale

I love the ocean and am enthralled by dolphins and whales, I have been for years, and this is probably one of the reasons I love visiting Hawaii so much.   The only problem with my love of these animals is that I have battled motion sickness my whole life.  I’ve sucked it up and taken different medications for motion sickness and have been on snorkeling, dolphin, and whale watching cruises, but some of the best whale action I’ve seen is from land.

Whales from the Kilauea Light House- Kauai

Whales from the Kilauea Light House- Kauai

I’ve seen whales in Kauai at the Kilauea Lighthouse and from Dukes Canoe Club in Nawiliwili.  However the best I’ve seen is from the pool at the Castle Halii Kai at Waikoloa located in the Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Big Island.  OK so the rules said that you couldn’t reserve seats by the pool, but I’ll admit I broke that rule.  I made sure we were the first to the pool when it opened to get the chairs that we could turn around and look over the cliff at the ocean.

Pool at Castle Halii Kai

Pool at Castle Halii Kai

Within an hour it started…..tour boats started to arrive and the humpback whales started to put on a show with breaching and tail slaps constantly throughout the day.  It seemed as if there were hundreds of them off that cliff, but I’m sure it was just a normal sized pod.  We would stop reading our books and turn off our cell phones and just watch them and take pictures, we didn’t need binocilars, it was truly magical.  The best part was we got to see more whales than anyone on those tour boats, didn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars and I didn’t get sea sick.  Sometimes the best moments on the islands are free.

Whales out from poolMore whales from pool.

Author: Amy Nehmer

For information on Castle Halii Kai at Waikoloa and the Big Island email: nate@cardinalcruiseandtravel.com. We will be happy to talk to you about our favorite destination.

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