3 Things to Check Out On Kauai

I was going through a flash drive that I had used to save some information from a computer that was dying fast. I came across a bunch of blog posts that were written. Some were published on an old account that has since been deleted and some were never published for some reason. I will be sprinkling these posts in here and there. This first one is one of them that was published on the old account. Please enjoy!

Kauai is the oldest and furthest west island of Hawaiian Islands. It is the 4th largest of the main Hawaiian Islands with just over 562 square miles. Don’t let Kauai’s small size deter you from a trip there; there is plenty to keep you interested in this island paradise.  Known as the Garden Isle, Kauai is a nature lover’s paradise. Here are 3 things that may interest the traveler to Kauai.

  1. Ho’opulapula Haraguchi Rice Mill

This is a tour I had the pleasure of taking, with my wife, on our trip to Kauai in 2009. On this tour you will have a look at the process and challenges of growing taro, a pant grown for its starchy tuber. Taro is pounded to make poi, the creamy purple paste you are told you have to try when you attend a luau. You also get to tour the historic rice mill that is filled with many artifacts from the days they grew rice in the Hanalei Valley. Lyndsey does a great job on this tour as she doesn’t read from a script and tells of her families personal experiences farming the land.  You can check out more at www.HaraguchiRiceMill.org

Taro Leaf and Root

Taro Leaf and Root

  1. 2.   Allerton Gardens

ParadisePart of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens, Allerton Garden and Mcbryde Garden are located in the Lawai Valley on the south side of Kauai. I definitely recommend paying the $45 dollars for the Allerton Garden tour. Visit http://ntbg.org/gardens/allerton-tours.php for more information.

Tree from Jurassic Park Located in Allerton Gardens

Tree from Jurassic Park Located in Allerton Gardens

  1. Kilauea Lighthouse

Kilauea Lighthouse

The Kilauea Lighthouse is on the northern most point of Kauai. The light house was built in 1913 and was used till 1976. During the months of January through March this is a great spot to see whales. You can visit the lighthouse on a self guided tour, but you can’t go up inside to the light itself. There is a $5 entry fee but it is so worth it!


Whales off from Kilauea Lighthouse

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