The Cruise Family Announces Plans to Form New Cruise Line

The Cruise Family, a group of cruise experts and bloggers on Twitter, announced today they plan to form a new cruise line.
The news was broke in a press conference held in the cruising hot bed of Cleveland, Ohio. Spokesman for the group, Mike Faust, says “The new line will offer a great vacation while helping to save the environment and fight obesity at the same time.” He adds, “We plan on making our ships as green as possible.”
Reports say that their first ship, which has yet to be named, will be powered by a unique source. All indications point to pedal power being used to propel the ship. When asked, Faust explained “At this time, we are not ready to release the details on how the ship will be the cleanest cruise ship sailing. I will say however, we will have the fittest passengers ever by the end of the cruise.”
The cruise line expects to be operating in the waters of the Great Lakes and will offer some very exciting ports of call. Faust explains, “This is a region we think could use an expanded cruise option!”
The Cruise Family expects to release more details of this venture on the Cruise Family Reunion held this July 5th. They invite everyone to join them on this fun-filled 3 day cruise.



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One thought on “The Cruise Family Announces Plans to Form New Cruise Line

  1. “It will be the biggest and the best cruise ship on the market,” said one industry insider said who asked not to be named for fear of repercussions. “I can’t wait to see the huge trampoline out by the pool deck and the bungee jumps off the bow of the ship. That will top anything at sea today.”

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