Deflating the 10 Reasons to Never Cruise Part 2

In a previous post, Deflating the 10 Reasons to Never Cruise Part 1, I went through the first 5 reasons a blogger gave for never cruising again. I pointed out that with an open mind and careful planning you can minimize some of these reasons. Today I am going to continue with this for reasons six through ten.

6) There’s always someone in your way.

I don’t really even know what to say to this point that was brought up. Everywhere I go there are always people in my way. It is part of life. From the grocery store, to county or state fairs or any vacation destinations you go to (once again unless you go someplace really remote).

WARNING! Meant to be Funny, Please Don't Try This.

WARNING! Meant to be Funny, Please Don’t Try This.

7) The boat will make you sick, literally.

This is a concern with a lot of people. The newer ships do have stabilizers on them, however they don’t prevent all people from getting sick. There are many options to combat the motion sickness ranging from medicine like the patch behind the ear to Meclizine. There is also loads of information in cruise forums on natural ways to combat motion sickness.


8) You’re never in one place long enough to get to know it.

Here once again is where doing your homework comes in. Some cruise lines spend more time in certain ports. Some even overnight in a port and you can spend more than on day there. For example the Royal Princess on its 2014 European season will spend 2 full days in St. Petersburg.

Rendering of the Royal Princess at Night

Rendering of the Royal Princess at Night

Even if you don’t spend as much time there; if you want to get to know a place, skip the tourist shops and stuff like that and go out to get to know the place.

9) It all adds up.

I haven’t been on any vacation where the cost didn’t add up. On a road trip across the US gas, snacks, hotels, and tolls can add up.  If you go camping, you have to buy all the gear to do that. Going to a resort you have to pay for meals and resort fees. Pictured here is a screenshot of the gas cost estimator from AAA predicting my cost to drive to Orlando. This doesn’t include anything but gas, and believe me there would be a hotel night. I am not driving straight through with 2 small children.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 5.29.35 AM

10) You have no choice.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to cruising. Your biggest choice should come in your planning stage. Do your research, talk to a travel agent ho specializes in cruises, or visit a cruise forum to make sure you are picking a cruise line/ship that fits what your lifestyle is.  If you make the right choice then, you will find that the choices really open up during the cruise because you will like more of the options offered to you.

I believe there is a cruise line, ship or itinerary for everyone. It just takes a little work to find it. It may not be on one of the mainstream large cruise lines. Maybe it is a river cruise, or a barge cruise in the French countryside. It could even be a luxury cruise on a small ship or yacht. The choices are endless so take some time to research what’s best for or call a travel agent and talk to them about cruising. They would be happy to show you the possibilities.

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One thought on “Deflating the 10 Reasons to Never Cruise Part 2

  1. Cruising is just one form of travel. Anyone not willing to try it are missing out on a great vacation experience.

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