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Scott Lara (@scottlara1961 on twitter) is one of the biggest Holland America Cruise Line fans I know. When I saw him tweet asking how he should celebrate the 140th anniversary of his favorite cruise line, I couldn’t resist to make a suggestion.

I suggested he should dress in a body suit the color of the hulls of his favorite cruise ships. He could stand at the entrance of Port Everglades holding a sign that says “Happy 140th @HALcruises” He should also wear a hat that looks like the funnels on the Holland America cruise ships.
I’m not sure how keen he is on this idea, so I need your help. Leave a comment to this post to sign the petition to have Scott dress as his favorite ships. Share this with your friends so they can sign the petition as well.


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9 thoughts on “Sign the petition.

  1. I second this!

  2. I’ll do it, but prefer to be standing on a HAL ship, not on the pier!

    • Your right that would be better! But you should have to stand in front of the terminal like that for a while. You know, to get everyone excited for their cruise.

  3. Janet Heaton @Jkheaton

    Agreed! With a Birthday cake 🙂

  4. Yes! I will shake hands and greet people as they board the Maasdam! Sailed on Maasdam back in March of 2012.

  5. Do it, Scott! It’s an executive, cruisetacular order!

  6. Probably need to tie him to the pier. LOL. Same as the ships are tied to the pier.

    Agree he is the non-employee go to person for the 411 on HA.

  7. Craig Kell

    Absolutely a great idea!

  8. Agreed. And need to stick him on a tug boat, with water guns spraying, to lead out the @HALcruises ships.

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