Titanic II Hotel or Cruise Ship?

Danielle, Aka @CruiseMiss, recently wrote in her blog; Titanic II A Legacy Or A Curse; her feelings about the plans to build the Titanic II. This plan is being pursued by Australian business man, Clive Palmer, and has the whole cruise world debating on if it’s a good or bad idea. Here is an excerpt from Danielle’s post, to read her whole post click here.

“Is there a demand for this type of vessel? I don’t really think there is however if she did come along I know many people would be truly fascinated by her and it would certainly be something very different indeed for our modern times.

Could she sustain herself? Maybe, there are one or two cruise lines with just one vessel and they manage to survive however, they are modern vessels with all the modern luxuries we crave whilst at sea.

I think the subject of Titanic II will forever have a divide and my own feelings lean me towards the “not such a great idea” area.”

Her post got me thinking more about if this is a good idea or not. For the most part’ I agree with Danielle that there won’t be a demand for this ship. This is especially true after the first couple of years, after the Titanic enthusiast and history buffs take their cruise. So does this mean I think it’s a bad idea to build this ship? Whoa…wait a moment before go that far!!

While I think that this won’t work as a cruise ship, I think that it could possibly be a good idea to make it into a floating hotel. A few points on why I believe this:

  1. The cost to spend a couple nights on the Titanic II would be far less than taking the Trans-Atlantic cruise. This would encourage the interested people to do this if they couldn’t afford the weeklong cruise
  2. This would cost less to operate, as the fuel would not be need to propel her through the water. The electrical and water systems could be hooked up to city utilities.
  3. The main dinning room could be made into a fine dinning restaurant that could be open to the public instead of just the people aboard the cruise.
  4. They could also build in a Titanic museum into the ship that would be open to the public therefore, increasing the possible revenue.

Am I saying this is a great idea, not even close? What I am saying is that, in my opinion, it works far better as a hotel than it does as a cruise ship.titanicII

So what are your thoughts, I want to hear them. Am I way off line on this thinking? Do you have any ideas or should the whole Titanic II idea be scraped altogether. Please leave your comments telling me what you think.


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4 thoughts on “Titanic II Hotel or Cruise Ship?

  1. terry ismay

    I understand what your saying but I beg to differ, Titanic11 will be in use for many many years to come, everyone knows Titanic made a journey from Southampton to cork but never made it to new York and “I would say” nearly everyone in the world knows the name Titanic, Titanic11 is a fresh dream and has capture the worlds imagination once again, once she had made the historic maiden voyage Titanic fever will be in full swing capturing dreams all over again, Titanic 11 will making journeys all over the world stopping at many ports some of which can not be accessed by todays luxury cruise liners due to there size, opening her up to a massive audience bringing class, history, and a back to basics lifestyle not seen for many years( i.e. the computer generation) although there will be new additions on board many due to current maritime regulation’s Titanic 11 will still be a must to see and sail on, just for experience of a time forgot but still captures people dreams and imagination’s, its a change from todays massive liners offering everything you can get from a mall or retail park, this is a experience unlike any other you can find or buy. if Titanic11 was to moor up in a city like you say people would have to travel to see which in this day and age people can’t afford to do, so bringing her to dock at ports across the world she will be accessible for many to tour while in dock of which Professor Palmer has already said will happen in the press conferences, having my family name (Ismay) related to the Titanic name for a second time is fantastic, and being part of Titanic11 upbringing is amazing, the blue star line is a name to look out for in the future. yours Terry Ismay, (great great great nephew of the late J Bruce Ismay)

    • How can a ship modeled after the experience of a 1912 ocean liner survive in today’s modern cruise industry? The Titanic II will feature very little modern amenities, which completely goes against the trends of today’s industry. You mentioned that the Titanic II will be able to access lesser visited ports due to here size, correct? There are many, smaller, more luxurious ships than the Titanic II that already do that. Titanic II fans keep claiming that this ship will capture the dreams of the entire world. How? Without internet, private bathrooms, segregation of the classes, no TV, no modern fitness center, no exterior pools, and no balconies – how can this ship survive in the cruise industry? If it could survive and had a viable market of potential cruisers, a major cruise line would have already built it.

  2. James

    Titanic was the ship of dreams, Titanic II is the ship where dreams come true.

    The Titanic legend has captivated the world for over 100 years and there is no more famous ship in the world today. The fascination of the real Titanic story, conspiracy theories, movies and the amount of interest Titanic II generated on the global launch events around the world show that people are excited and intrigued with Titanic’s legend. With more than 40,000 people from around the world registering their interest to get tickets on Titanic II, the demand is clearly there. The ship will not be a huge, floating apartment block, it wont be like a modern day hotel where you might not know which city you are staying in. Titanic II will have class and sophistication, and will be a very unique opportunity for people to experience the extraordinary. The ship will sail from China to Southampton and from Southampton to New York, but will also have the opportunity to sail around the world, bringing the Titanic story to those who could have only considered this a dream. The ship will be a monument to the passengers and crew of Titanic, it will also be a ship of peace, connecting people around the world and inspiring them to come together as one. As a business, a wide range of revenue generating income streams will certainly mean that Titanic II is a major global success.

    • James, my point was that I don’t believe the TitanicII can not sustain the excitement it will have at her inaugural sailing. Everyone keeps quoting the 40,000 signed up number, but no one mentions what the percentage of people signed up will be converted to passengers.
      I’m not trying to say this is the dumbest idea ever, I just want to hear more arguments for building it. Everyone arguing the positive side only repeats the talking points from the original news conference.

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