Is this the Best Benefit of Cruising?

As I continue to talk here about how Cruising is a good way to travel with friends or a group of friends, I want you to think back to your last trip you planned with some friends. Was there the issue where a couple of you wanted to go one place while some others would rather go someplace else? How about when you get almost set on your destination and one in your group says they won’t go if you decide to go there? These are all real challenges in planning a group vacation.ncl_Olympics_Family_Ball

Now for some good news, cruise ships travel to different ports on the same itinerary.  In fact, this is what most people find appealing about cruising in general. There is no need to pack and unpack several times. Also there is no need to go check in at the airport and spend most of your day flying to another destination. Your vacation time is valuable, If you want to see a couple of different destinations why would you want to spend a day each time sitting in a boring airport. Instead you can find yourself at sea on a ship full of fun and relaxing activities.

7Day_WCarib_Jewel_2013 (2)

Itinerary courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

How does this help with planning your group? Lets look at a sample 7-day Western Caribbean itinerary from Norwegian Cruise Line.  With this itinerary, if someone in your party doesn’t really want to go to Montego Bay, a few days later you will be Belize City. You don’t have to get off the ship in each port if you don’t want to but you may miss something you haven’t thought about before. Who knows, you may like the port you thought you would hate the most! I am sure if you ask Danielle AKA: @CruiseMiss of CruiseMiss Cruise Blog, she will tell you there have been a few ports that surprised her.

When you figure out what itinerary and dates work well for your group, you may want to get a travel agent involved. When you book a cruise as a group you may be able to get special amenities like for example: onboard credit, bottle of wine in your stateroom, or even a cocktail party for your group. To get theses it helps to have a travel agent familiar with booking groups. These benefits are not always available by having everyone book through the cruise line’s website on the same cruise. Your travel agent will work with you to get you the best value. They will also help you get prepared for your cruise, especially if you are the group leader.

Cruising with a group of people can be a very rewarding way to travel. Being able to see multiple destinations while having something for everyone to stay busy with is a big bonus.  With this in mind I would love to invite you to come on the Cruise Family Reunion and have a great time with a group of cruise lovers, experts, and bloggers. Oh and by the way, we are all a bunch of nuts and this cruise is sure to be a heck of a time.

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