Cruising, A Good Way to Stay Friends While Traveling?

In my previous post –Traveling with Friends – I took a look at the things that I have learned about traveling with another couple. I mentioned how sometimes you may want to do different things than the others you are with want to do. I briefly mentioned my next trip which will be with a larger group of friends who I met through twitter and being in the cruise/travel industry. This trip, the Cruise Family Reunion, will be a group cruise hosted by a group of cruise experts and bloggers that call themselves the Cruise Family. The Cruise Family is extending an invitation out to anyone who wants to travel with them.

Since I am going on this cruise I thought I would share with you some of the reasons that make cruising a good choice when you want to travel with friends.

There is a full range of choices in stateroom categories.

Everything from inside to multi room suites that can sleep 5 or more people so everyone in your group can find the type of accommodation they need. For larger families there is in most cases the option of getting connecting staterooms. This way you can have enough room and still have the family together but you need to book early to make sure you can get the connecting rooms.

Plenty of activities on board so everyone in your group can find something they want to do!   

Cruise ships have so much to do onboard. Many have kids programs to keep the kids busy so the parents can have some time to themselves. The programs are divided into age groups and provide the kids with fun activities.

Camp Carnival on the Carnival Miracle

Camp Carnival on the Carnival Miracle

Adults can spend there time in the spa, casino, or hanging out in the lounges. Many cruise lines offer an adults-only retreat to escape the bustle in other areas of the ship.

Rendering of The Sanctuary on the new Royal Princess

Rendering of The Sanctuary on the new Royal Princess

Everyone can enjoy the pools and everything in the sports complexes. Many new ships feature waterslides and other expanded water activities. There are also the theaters and some with game rooms. If you’re into a quiet atmosphere you can check out the library area and find a book to read. And in this digital age most now have Internet cafes, but you need to pay for the Internet usage.


Royal Caribbean's FlowRider

Royal Caribbean’s FlowRiderMany options of places to eat means you all don’t have to eat together.

Many options of places to eat means you all don’t have to eat together.

Cruise lines are adding alternative dinning venues on virtually every ship. For the most part, gone are the days when you and whole group have to pick a time to eat in the Main Dinning Room. Now everyone can eat at places they want when they want. Most major lines also offer a version of “my time” dinning in one of the dinning rooms.

These are just 3 reasons why a cruise works well for traveling with other people. In another post I will continue with some more. As a reminder you can join the Cruise Family on the Cruise Family Reunion this July. This is sure to be one of the social events of the year.

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4 thoughts on “Cruising, A Good Way to Stay Friends While Traveling?

  1. Wow. I never go cruising, but this looks pretty amazing!

    • A great way to get your feat wet on cruising is a short cruise. They tend to be cheaper and less days so you can get a feel for if you like it or not. The Cruise Family Reunion is a 3 day cruise and you would be traveling with a group of people who love to cruise and love to share their tips on how to fully enjoy your cruise.

  2. Here’s the deal. Parents. Tell your kids to behave on the cruise! Don’t take a vacation from being parents! Nothing bothers me more than kids cutting in line, being disrespectful to adults and running down those LONG hallways! I’m all for family vacations with the kids, as long as the kids behave.

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