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Social Media is a Lot of Work

When i started putting together the Cruise 4 the Cure to raise money for cancer research, I thought it would be easy to promote through social media. Man, was I wrong!! There are so many areas in social media to keep up with from Facebook to twitter to pinterst to any other social media site that will poke up and become popular in the next week. It seems like every time you turn on you computer, or look at your smartphone, someone is talking about the next greatest site in social media.

First there is Facebook, the one that is probably the KING of social media. When i first started my business I was told I needed a facebook presence, thus started my social media life. After getting a profile set up and a buiseness page, I got sucked into the whole Facebook thing; mainly the games. I then realized that these games are the biggest waste of time. Now my Face book presence is almost 90% just for business. And yes you can find a Facebook page for the Cruise 4 the Cure here.

Next came Twitter! I will admit I am a twitterholic and you can find me at @CardinalTravel. You can also find the Cruise 4 the Cure on twitter at @cruz4thecure. I like twitter because of the way you can interact with others is totally different than Facebook. There is also twitter chats that take place weekly, many a week. From #CruiseChat to #NUTS to #TTOT to #TNI and countless others that would take me forever to type here. These chats are a good way to meet new people with the same kinda interests as you.

Now, along came Pinterest! I never really got this one and really still don’t but I started with it to promote the Cruise 4 the Cure. You can find the Cruise 4 the Cure Pinterest board here. On this board I am pinning all kinds of things related to the Cruise 4 the Cure. Don’t tell anyone but I’m kinda getting into it.

Add on top of these three I just mentioned all the forums and message boards that you can join and its a wonder how anyone gets anything done in this new world of social media.

On a related note is there anyone out there who wants to VOLUNTEER their time to keep up with social media for a small travel agency? LOL


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Happy Memorial Day

I would like to give everyone big happy Memorial Day wishes. On this special holiday it important to remember why we have this holiday in the first place.

Memorial Day isn’t about the bbq’s, parties, parades, or even the family vacations. In fact, it’s about the right to be able to do all these things and being able to do them whenever we want. Memorial day is all about remembering those who have fallen keeping our country safe and free.

So when all of you are out with your family today, please remember why we have Memorial Day as a holiday in the first place.

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Cruise 4 the Cure Giveaway

I was brainstorming ways to make the Cruise 4 the Cure as successful as possible and came up with an idea to help get the word out about our event. I came up with a giveaway idea that with a little work someone could win a free cruise.

Cardinal Cruise and Travel is giving one lucky person the chance to win 1 free* cruise fare on the Cruise 4 the Cure sailing. This giveaway is open to any US resident 18 years old or older. All you have to do to enter is to fill out the form below and I will send you a referral code. Have your friends use the referral when they book their spot on the Cruise 4 the Cure. For each person you refer you will get one entry into the drawing for the free* cruise fare. Entries must be received by May 25, 2013 and your referrals must have deposit paid by May 26,2013. The winner will be announced on May 28, 2013. Non-winners will receive a $25 on board credit if they refer at least five people.

You can find all the information and rules at:

Thank you and GOOD LUCK 
* free cruise fare is for one person, winner is responsible for the taxes and fees

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Cruise 4 the Cure Embark Partnership

I am pleased to announce the partnership with Embark on the Cruise 4 the Cure (C4TC) campaign. Embark is a company whose website connects people who want to cruise with the people who know cruises the best, travel agents.

The good folks at Embark have agreed to make a $60 donation to the UW Carbone Cancer Center for each cabin booked on their website. This is in addition to the $120 per double occupied cabin already being donated. You can find the C4TC listings on the landing page. Embark Cruise 4 the Cure Landing Page

I would like to thank Allan and everyone at Embark for jumping on board the C4TC and all the work they are putting into it.

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