Thoughts on Sustainable Travel

Every Tuesday many travel enthusiast join a chat called #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter) on twitter and talk about a subject related to travel. Yesterday #TTOT took on the subject of sustainable travel. Many twitter users joined and offered tips and suggestions on how to travel in sustainable matter. While I think sustainable travel is important so we can enjoy our favorite destinations for years to come, I have a few thought on it.

First of all, does anyone want to go back to a place they visited years ago and loved, only to find it littered and in a sad state? I would guess the answer is no; after all, you are going back there for a reason, you must have loved it the first time you visited. For that reason, and this might sound like common sense, make sure you put all your trash where it belongs. If there are recycling options, use them. Or better yet, if you can take your trash and recyclables back home with you and dispose of the there.

My next point is: while I think sustainable travel is important, it doesn’t change the fact that most of us are at home more than much more than we travel. For this reason, it is much more important to practice these methods at home. You will have a greater impact on the environment by doing this. Plus, if you have the habit of living in a sustainable method at home, you will be more likely to do this when you travel as well.

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