Thoughts on the Triumph Fiasco

A few thoughts on the Carnival triumph ordeal today but before I begin I want to say that all the deaths that happened on board the Costa Concordia is truly a tragedy and I feel bad for the families of those who passed away. With that being said what happened in Galveston was something that I feel never should have happened.

In the first place, Carnival Cruise Line shouldn’t have anything to do with Costa cruise line. They are separate companies owned by the same parent company. It would be like trying to sue Kraft because your Dad dies from cancer after smoking Marlboros for many years.

In my opinion, all today did was to make some lawyers very rich. Well I need to take that back! It also gave a lot of vacationers a big headache today, making them worry if the trip they have been dreaming about will leave port or not. It also created headaches for the travel agents who have clients sailing on the Triumph.

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One thought on “Thoughts on the Triumph Fiasco

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