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Thoughts on Sustainable Travel

Every Tuesday many travel enthusiast join a chat called #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter) on twitter and talk about a subject related to travel. Yesterday #TTOT took on the subject of sustainable travel. Many twitter users joined and offered tips and suggestions on how to travel in sustainable matter. While I think sustainable travel is important so we can enjoy our favorite destinations for years to come, I have a few thought on it.

First of all, does anyone want to go back to a place they visited years ago and loved, only to find it littered and in a sad state? I would guess the answer is no; after all, you are going back there for a reason, you must have loved it the first time you visited. For that reason, and this might sound like common sense, make sure you put all your trash where it belongs. If there are recycling options, use them. Or better yet, if you can take your trash and recyclables back home with you and dispose of the there.

My next point is: while I think sustainable travel is important, it doesn’t change the fact that most of us are at home more than much more than we travel. For this reason, it is much more important to practice these methods at home. You will have a greater impact on the environment by doing this. Plus, if you have the habit of living in a sustainable method at home, you will be more likely to do this when you travel as well.

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Am I Asking for Too Much

I read an article yesterday talking about how Frontier Airlines are discontinuing the serving of warm chocolate chip cookies, a popular service that came from their merger with Midwest, on their flights. This is just another move made by the airline in their quest to become an “ultra low-cost airline”. For me this is extremely disappointing, having grown up in Wisconsin and seeing how proud Milwaukee was to be the home of Midwest Airlines. It was one of those small things that made you feel good on their flights.

These days it seems like all you hear is news of airlines cutting costs and raising fees as well as airfares. All this is to make the airline more financially stable. The question I ask myself is: isn’t there a market for an airline that offers great customer service?
For me I would gladly pay a little extra to fly an airline that doesn’t herd us like cattle into their planes while still raising fees and airfares. What’s wrong with being greeted by smiles by the gate agents or employees at the ticket counters. Its bad enough that we have to go through the TSA checkpoints with grumpy people there, why can’t the airline personnel be a little more cheerful.

If your going on a hopefully relaxing vacation why would you want to bookend it with the headaches of flying with airlines that are constantly cutting services?

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Falling From Heaven

The East side of the Big Island seems like you are on a totally different island compared to the west side. You leave the bare, black lava rocks behind and find yourself driving along dense green vegetation. The slope is much steeper down to the ocean, and you are much higher in elevation. There is not many places along this drive that you can not see the ocean. This is truly a beautifully scenic drive.
If your driving south, before you get to Hilo, you will see a turnoff to go to Akaka Falls. This is a little side trip you won’t want to miss. About 4 or 5 miles into the countryside, be careful there is a one lane bridge on this narrow road, you will come to the Akaka Falls State Park. Since the first time I was there they set up a pay station, the cost is $5 if you park in the parking lot or $1 per/person if you park on the road. Even though it is an automated pay station, they have someone there watching.
This is a short “hike” to see two sets of falls. I put hike in quotations because it is really just a walk on sidewalk with lots of stairs. the path makes a loop and visits Kahuna Falls and the real attraction Akaka Falls.

The smaller Kahuna Falls
When you start out down the steps I suggest to go to Kahuna Falls. This way you are able to save the larger falls for last. Kahuna Falls is around 100 ft. If you think this is amazing go back to the loop and continue on.
As you continue through the dense tropical vegetation you can start to hear the thunder of the falls. Then you get over a slight hill and you catch a glimpse of an amazing sight. Right there in front of you is Akaka Falls, at 492 feet it is really a stunning sight. Just for comparison Niagara Falls is around 175 feet high.

429 ft. Akaka Falls
There is a zip line company that offers a zip line tour that takes you over the falls. I would have loved to do this, but we didn’t. Oh well, there’s always NEXT time.

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Thoughts on the Triumph Fiasco

A few thoughts on the Carnival triumph ordeal today but before I begin I want to say that all the deaths that happened on board the Costa Concordia is truly a tragedy and I feel bad for the families of those who passed away. With that being said what happened in Galveston was something that I feel never should have happened.

In the first place, Carnival Cruise Line shouldn’t have anything to do with Costa cruise line. They are separate companies owned by the same parent company. It would be like trying to sue Kraft because your Dad dies from cancer after smoking Marlboros for many years.

In my opinion, all today did was to make some lawyers very rich. Well I need to take that back! It also gave a lot of vacationers a big headache today, making them worry if the trip they have been dreaming about will leave port or not. It also created headaches for the travel agents who have clients sailing on the Triumph.

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