I Have a Mistress

We landed at the Kona airport and disembarked the plane right onto the
tarmac, a sure sign you have just landed someplace tropical. As we sat there
waiting for our checked bags we looked over the attraction brochures and
pamphlets. We are on “Island Time” so the checked bags take a while to get
to us; not a big deal, we have all week.

Hawaiian Sunset

This is the second trip to the Big Island for me and my wife, the other
being our honeymoon. This trip we are traveling with a couple who are
friends of ours. After we get our bags we pick up the car and start heading
for the resort.

Driving north of the airport is like driving on another planet. The lava
rock has very little vegetation growing on it. The black rock continues for
what seems like forever. Palm trees grow along the coast and where the
resort areas where built. To the right you see the mountains where grass
grows, interrupted by black rivers of hardened lava. You could play one of
those maze games in your head and trace the flow of lava down to the flats.
Then you have the Hawaiian graffiti, people use white rock to write messages
on the bare black canvas of the lava. It is truly a unique drive.

Hawaiian Graffiti

As we continue to drive north we see a green oasis among the black moon-like
surface. We make the left turn and head towards the coast and immediately
there is perfectly manicured grass. As well as beautiful palm trees that
sway in the breeze. This will be our home for the next week. We are staying
at the Castle Halii Kai at the Waikoloa Beach resort. I have more on this
amazing resort in a later post.
Suddenly I get the feeling of thankfully we are here, in one of my favorite
vacation destinations. It is now time for a week of rest and relaxation,

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2 thoughts on “I Have a Mistress

  1. Sounds like a great place to spend your holiday. If only it wouldn’t take the long flight from Europe to get there.

    • Thank you for your comment. It is a very special place indeed. An idea to combat the long light would be to fly to New York and spend a couple days there before flying out to Hawaii, breaks it up a little.

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